Hi-Level(Former Dain-Level),
The most influential TLG/ATG company in Korea

Hi-Level is tech-centric company whose motto being trustworthy,
accuracy and innovation. We supplied more than 3000 TLGs to 3000 sites in Korea(30%, being the most largest supplier in Korea).
For more than 25 years, Hi-Level focused on TLG and TLG only. Our experience will boost your business with smart and accurate oil inventory management.

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Industrial TLG/ATG

Applicable to industrial level probing, including hazardous materials.
Also applicable to large storage tanks for up to 20 meter.
Our deep understanding on TLG industry will increase your efficiency with robust and never-failing level measurement.

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TOM : Tank truck Oil Meter for fuel unloading

Invention of a century! From the beginning of history of fuel industry, precise checking of unloaded mass from tank truck was a big deal.
But with our invention TOM, gas station owner will no longer worry about checking unloaded fuel amount.
This will be world-first affordable tank truck oil meter for gas station owners, with accuracy of 0.1%.

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TankMon : Cloud-based remote fuel
inventory management application

Fuel inventory information is at your hand, wherever you are,
even when you are not in business site with our cloud technology.

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Product Lines

Check out our world-class products for fuel inventory management.

  • Gas Station Applications
  • Industrial Applications
  • Oil-meter Applications

Making history in Korean TLG industry!
Trustworthy, accuracy and innovation is our motto.

Our Excellency in TLG

Hi-Level have world-class magnetostrictive distance sensor and corresponding fuel management systems.
We developed this from scratch, and continuously improving it.

  • Level Measurement

    Even 1L difference can be checked.

  • Height Measurement

    Fluid level can be measured up to 1mm accuracy.

  • Temperature Measurement

    Even 0.5 °C difference can be detected.

  • NET calculation

    NET volume can be calculated precisely.

  • Water Detection

    Water level can be detected for alerting purposes.

  • Automatic Unloading Detection

    Can detect fuel unloading, and produce reports.

  • Fuel Overflow Detection

    Can alert with 2-step overflow thresholds

  • Fuel Underflow Detection

    Can alert with 2-step underflow thresholds

What Hi-Level is selling?

Check out Hi-Level's world-class fuel equipments.

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