TLG industrial applications

Industrial applications


Tank truck unloading Oil Meter

  • System
  • Probe(Flexible Type Probe)
  • Probe(Stick Type)
  • PCU
  • Display

Waring light

  • Certification for Explosion proof (1)


  • Certification for Explosion proof (2)


Industrial Application example

하이레벨 프로브

Probe (Sensor) - Flexible Type Probe

Model. HiFPb

Attribute Specification
Sensing Magnetostrictive
Flexible Type Probe
Purpose Industrial instrumentation.
Measuring Type Fluid and Water Level
Measuring Range 20,000mm MAX
Level Accuracy 1 mm
Floater separation distance 30mm MAX
Temperature sensing range -40 ~ 70℃
Temperature Accuracy ± 0.5℃
Probe material SUS316
Floater material NBR
Applicable fluids Oil, Water, Liquid chemicals
Max pressure 30 Kgf/㎠
Weight 0.5 Kg/m
Communication type RS485, Zigbee, Bluetooth
Current Intensity Stand By : 30 uA at 8V
Active : 1 ~ 20 mA at 8V
Explosion-proof grade Ex ia IIB T4 (Intrinsic Safe)
KCs 12-KB2BO-0185(By ktl)
하이레벨 스틱 프로브

Probe (Sensor) - Stick Type Probe

Model. HiSPb

Attribute Specification
Sensing Type Magnetostrictive level meter
Applicable fluids Fuel, Water, Chemicals, etc.
Level Range 4,000mm MAX
Level Accuracy 0.1 mm
Pipe material SUS 304
Floater material NBR
Endurable Pressure 30kgf/㎡
Communication Wired : RS485
Wireless : Bluetooth, Zigbee
Temperature Range -20℃ ~ 70℃
Temperature Accuracy 0.5℃
Power Consumption Standby : 30uA at 8V
Active : 1~20mA at 8V
Explosion-proof grade KCs Ex Ia IIB T4
(Intrinsic Safety)
하이레벨 PCU

PCU(Power Control Unit)

Model. HiSPb

Attribute Specification
Input Port RS232, RS485, Bluetooth, Zigbee
Output Port RS485 (16 units)
Weight 1.0 Kg
Dimensions 300(L) X 270(W) X 70 (H) mm
Power Supply AC 90 ~ 250(V), 50 ~ 60 Hz, 30W
하이레벨 display


Model. HiTLD

Attribute Specification
Screen 7' TFT LED, 800 X 400 24Bit
Input Device Touch Screen
Printer Thermal Printer
Weight 1.5Kg
Dimensions 245(L) X 180(W) X 100 (H) mm
Power Supply AC 90 ~ 250(V), 50 ~ 60 Hz, 30W


Hi-Level TLG/ATG measures various physical information for accurate and smart fuel inventory management

  • 오일탱크 설명 1_2


    With intuitive UX and design, you can check tank status simply and with ease.

  • 오일탱크 설명 3_4

    Discharging Report

    Discharged and sold fuel amount is recorded automatically and precisely, and you can access detailed daily & custom reports with few clicks.

  • 오일탱크 설명 5_6

    Fuel unloading Report

    Hi-Level FMS can detect fuel unloading from tank truck automatically, and issue detailed reports.

World-class TLG

Your fuel management system deserves the best one, and it should be Hi-Level TLG.
Hi-Level TLG is proved to be best in Korean market, and overseas.

  • Certification for Explosion proof (1)


  • Certification for Explosion proof (2)


  • Official test

    최고등급 시험성적서

TLG industrial applications

DM-1000-PBEX (~4m MAX)
· Can replace probe/floater materials
· Density probing feature(optional)

Flexible probe for
Large Storage Tanks

DM-1000-PBEX (~20m MAX)

We supplied to numerous industrial business sites.